Heat Pumps

Air source pumps take heat from the outside atmosphere, increase its temperature using an electric compressor and then use a heat exchange transfer the warmth to the property’s central heating system. Ground source pumps work in exactly the same manner, the only difference being it uses the natural warmth of the ground below the surface to create warmth that is then boosted and pumped into the property.

The electric compressor within the heat pump operates at a Co-Efficient of Performance (COP) of over 3 to 1. This means for every kilowatt of electricity used to operate the pump, you get 3 kilowatts of heating. This means for every kilowatt of electrical heating you pay for, you get 2 kilowatts for free.

Air source pumps are ideal for installation in smaller properties due to their compact size and minimal maintenance. They are often installed as part of larger system upgrades that includes increasing the property’s insulation, replacing the radiators / under floor heating and improving the hot water storage tanks.

Ground source pumps work better for those properties that have a large area of land that can be excavated such as new-builds.

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