Solar Power

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal refers to using the suns energy to heat your domestic hot water supply.  The advantage of the system is in being able to heat a hot water tank for use in your bathrooms and kitchens for free.  These systems are often combined with other renewable technology such as air source heat pumps or biomass boilers to provide additional free energy, while ensuring there is a sustainable back-up source.

Solar PV

Solar Polyvoltaics capture the suns energy in its cells and converts it directly to electricity to power your property.  Solar PV can be reduced electricity bills by up to a third.

In addition Solar PV are still subject to Government backed Feed-in Tariff and Export Tariff schemes ensure index linked annual incentives are paid to owners for the next 20 years.

Solar Thermodynamics

Strictly speaking solar thermodynamics should be within the heat pump section of this website as it uses heat pump technology and atmospheric heat, not solar heat.  However it does use panels attached to the roof of a property, so if most often associated with solar solutions.

Solar thermodynamics absorbs atmospheric heat to raise the temperature of liquids pumping through externally mounted solar panels.  This heat is then carried to a compressor to be boosted in temperature ready to be transferred to the property’s central heating system through a heat exchange.

Solar thermodynamic used atmospheric heat and not solar heat, therefore it is working everyday, even when the sun is not shining.

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