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10 Questions follow - select your answer for each.
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What was the name given to the cooking pot produced by the
Champion works? (Clue to get you started - look on Zinc and Brass page)

The Pound Pot   The Warmley Pot
The Guinea Pot  The Penny Pot

How many children were on the 'roll' when Warmley Church
of England School opened?

35  55  65  105

What was the forename of Champion, the founder of the Warmley
zinc and copper works?

William  Thomas  Charles  Henry

Where was Crown Pit located?

Cadbury Heath  Warmley Bitton  Barrs Court

Which construction company built MOST of the homes in the
California Road area of Longwell Green?

Laings  Barretts  Westbury Homes  Wimpy

How high above the floor is the marker placed in the Midland
Spinner public house to show the level of the 1968 flood?

About 3'  About 5'  About 7'  About 9'

Where was this pub (The Union Inn) located?

Warmley  Oldland    Cadbury Heath   Bridgeyate

What is the drop of the Dramway as is passes from Mangotsfield
to the River Avon?

40'  78'  155'  198'

Who was Coronation Pit named in honour of?

Elizabeth II  Victoria  Edward VII  George III

When Warmley FC played Southampton in 1898/9, what was
the final  score?

A draw
Southampton won 1 - 0
Warmley FC won 1 - 0
Match cancelled because of snow

Double check you have selected an answer for each question!

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Local History Quiz
Roll of Honour

Lynne Watkins Kingswood
Janet Wells Oldland
Jim Barrett Newcastle on Tyne
 Sean Casey Fishponds
Tony Groves Longwell Green
Rob Groves Oldland Common
Gary Skuse Hanham
Eric Hill Bridgeyate
Martin Clough Barrs Court

all the above scored 10/10
Well Done!

Runners up: (7, 8 or 9 correct)

S Knight - Bristol (9)
Patricia Lindegaard - Brislington  (8)
Deryk Morris - Bristol (8)
A Carrasco - Oldland (8)
Martin Nash - Warmley (7)
  M J Perrett - Cadbury Heath (7)
Alison Comley - Bath (7)
S Rengland - Warmley (7)

 'Also rans'

E Nash - Warmley
S C Lambert - Oldland
D Napier - Bristol
G P Crimmins - Bristol
P Lovell - Fishponds
Mary Lykes - Hertfordshire
Andrew Gay - Welwyn Garden City
C Kidd - Oldland
S Pople - Longwell Green
G Bennett - Bristol
R Turner - Tuscon Ariz. (Ex Pat)
J Phillips - Cadbury Heath
R A Milton - Newport (Wales)
Emma Fudge - North Common
S Handford - Kingswood
M Vowles - Longwell Green
C Moore - Cadbury Heath
C Hennessy - Cadbury Heath
Tony Sheppy - Cadbury Heath
Andy Tyack - Huddersfield
G Fry - Kingswood
S O'Sullivan - Kingswood
L Bowles - Warmley
J Coppard - Warmley
R J Goscombe - Oldland

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