Warmley C of E School log extracts 1868 - 1895

Conversion from hard copy record by Ian Cuming of Oldland.

1868 School log extracts:

March. 16th. At the Night school none present.
March. 30th. At the Night school males and females attended together to work up for the examination.
Apri1 3rd. Attendance at Night School good.
May 1st. Today we took the children to pick cowslips for a treat. They were conveyed to the field in two waggons, and enjoyed the trip much.
Nov 16th. Four of the Williamses (Griffin Inn) returned to our school again. For many months they had been going to Siston School. This is the second time they have returned in the last two years. They have made no progress whatever. A General N. friend of the Vicars visited the school and left l/- (5p) to be divided between the best boy and girl.
(What was the value of 5d in those days?)

1872 School log extracts:

Feb. 2nd. The Laceys returned to us on Monday last. I have begun to teach Stands. 4 and 5 the Metric System of Arithmetic. They like it much and are getting on nicely.
June 7th. The Station Master's children from Mangotsfield have left. Since the accident which happened on Whit Monday May 20th, by which two children were killed, Mrs. Martin is afraid to send them to our school.
Nov. 22nd. The whole family of "Fews" have left school and now go to Siston School. No reason for their leaving has been assigned. They owed upwards of 10/- (50p) for schooling. The children have learnt a pretty little song called “The Crystal Spring" from notes and are now learning “The Jolly Little Clacker".

1873 School log extracts:

Jan. lOth. This week I admitted three boys (colliers) as “Half-timers" One of them, nearly 14 years old, scarcely knows the alphabet and both the others are very backward.
Jan. 31st. I find several of the younger children have left for the winter season, and are now going to a Dame’s school nearer their homes.
Oct. 21st. New Master, Isaac Weston takes over.

1874 School log extract:

April. 17th. The school was closed in consequence of Miss Lucy Howard’s funeral, the Vicar’s daughter.

1875 School log extracts:

March. 25th.Isaac Walton bids farewell to the School. "For the unknown future - success to the School, etc. etc."
July 26th. Many children have taken an excursion to Weston-super-Mare M.J. Morse has spent a penny of her school money, the last fortnight.
July 30th. Jon Phillips spent his penny this week. I punished him.
Oct. 29th. Most of the children have now their own slates so that the difficulty of Home lessons is somewhat overcome.
Nov. 5th. The family of “Kings” (3) have been removed to Keynsham Union. Apparently James Samson is the new master from July.
Dec.7th. No less than 8 scholars came in after marking of registers this afternoon. They had been sliding. I punished.

1876 School log extracts:

May 15th. The Haskins are away from school owing to bereavement. Mr. Haskins was killed last Saturday at Siston Hill Pit owing to the breaking of the rope which was employed to draw him up the shaft.
May 23rd. Several children absent today owing to Bath Races The children were sent home earlier owing to the dangerous traffic.
Aug 11th. Average dropped 20 owing to harvest operations: the children are kept away to glean the corn.

1877 School log extracts:

Feb. 2nd. Several half-timers came yesterday from Crown Colliery.
Feb. 9th. Granted a certificate to Henry Woodington allowing him to work, being over 11 years old at commencement of the year.
March. 2nd. The half-timers from Crown Colliery attend badly.
June 22nd. Attendance irregular owing to hay-harvest. Scarcely a boy stays at school after he is eleven years old. Several boys eligible for examination lave “left” because “they are of age” to go to work.
Nov. 26th. I had occasion to punish George Tippett this morning in the classroom for inattention to reading, for which his mother sent to fetch them home although they had brought their dinners.
Nov. 30th. Mrs. Selman has just called to tell me that her boy can not attend school because she cannot afford to buy him any shoes.
Dec. 20th. Each child had an orange and to the girls a suitable article was given each by Miss Howard.

1878 School log extracts:

Jan 18th. Annie L not paid money. Says cannot afford owing to father's death.
May 24th. Owing to the coal miners having little or no work I find a difficulty in getting school fees paid.

1893 School log extracts:

March. 20th. Since H.M.I. called last I have been paying special attention to the neat and clean appearance of the scholars. Two parents have removed their children as they refused to send them clean, and objected to their being set apart from other children.
May 11th. I received notice of a case of smallpox in the village. The children, Albert, Cissy & Ruth Bryant cannot attend School at present in consequence.
Oct. 30th. I commenced duties as Head Mistress this morning.  S.J. Eardley.

1894 School log extracts:

Among the proposed selections for work in 1894 was the note “Geography. Standard IV and upwards. British Colonies and Dependencies”

April 24th. Joe Clarke Standard VI was punished by being caned on the hand for shouting from his class to the other children not to hold out their hands. The boy has left the school, and the case has been reported to the Vicar who admitted that such a breach of discipline could not be tolerated.
Oct. 23rd. Fearful storms of wind and rain. More than half the children absent.
Nov. 12th. Severe storms and heavy floods. Roads were impassable and the few children here at 10 o'clock were sent home for the day.
Nov. 14th. Heavy rain and another flood. School closed for the day.

1895 School log extracts:

Jan. 31st. We have been unable to mark registers several times this week owing to the small number of children at school, the heavy snow and severe cold preventing many from attending.
Feb. 14th. May Churchill has today gone into the Infant Room in the place of Carrie Temple.
April. ? Minnie Fussell started on the 8th put. in charge of the babies in Inf. Room. Am giving her lessons in the dinnertime with May Churchill.
April. 29th. Received notice from Mrs. Churchill that May, who is taking 2nd. Section in the Infant Room is leaving for a similar post at Two Mile Hill school near or in Kingswood. I am sorry as she is just making good progress both in her own work and in that of her class.

1895 School log extract:

June 30th. My duties in this school terminate today. S.J. Eardley.

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Warmley C of E School circa 1907


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