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Goldney Pit
Located near Roy King Gardens, Warmley
A pithead memorial has been errected to show its location.

Siston Hill Pit
Located Siston Common near Norman Rd, Warmley

California Pit
Located near Handford Way  Cadbury Heath. Some original buildings and boundary walls still remain.

In 1876 the Cowhorn Hill Colliery was purchased by Abraham Fussell.

He deepened the old Blowbottom Shaft to 640 yards where he reached the valuable Smiths coal, only 18 inches thick but in great demand.  He renamed the shaft CALIFORNIA. Fussell thought that, like the gold mines in California, it would make his fortune. The American connection is still seen in the street names off Longbeach Rd.

The slag heap was in existence until recently opposite Orchard Boulevard.  An inclined branch tramroad 650 yards long connected the mine to the Avon and Gloucester dramway, which had ceased to work in 1861 but which was quickly reopened the Peghouse shaft was reopened for ventilation this must be in the vicinity of Cradock Close.  Until the Longbeach Estate was built in the 1980s, you could walk from California Pit and follow the dramway to Willsbridge Valley. The last 100 metres is still a pathway.

Unfortunately in 1904 a tremendous flood burst through the workings and miners barely escaped with their lives.  One who was caught up in the torrent and washed clear back to the shaft at pit bottom bemoaned the loss of his silver pocket watch left in his waistcoat pocket on a shelf in the workings where it is meant to be to this day.  

The catastrophe bankrupted the company and the workshops were eventually purchased by the West Gloucester Water Works for 6,000.  The water after chemical treatment, supplied a large area of South Gloucestershire 20,000 gallons an hour could be pumped out.

Coronation Pit
Located near St Davids Ave, Cadbury Heath. Opened in an attempt to get at the Parrot seam. The shaft was renamed the Coronation Pit in honour of Edward VII.

The only remaining clue to its location is the coal yard on Cadbury Heath Road with the suspiciously large plot of land behind it which has only recently been built on.

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