Local roadname derivations (generic)

Downside Close, Woburn Close, Forde Close, Lacock Drive, Wooton Court

Pippin Court, Greves Court, Cox Court, Bramley Court, Allington Drive

Buildings: (misc)
Church Road, Deanery Road, School Road, Chapel Lane, Old School Close

Harlech Way, Kenilworth Drive, St Fagans Court, Warwick Close, Dunster Gardens, Corfe Place, Ludlow Close, Carmarthan Grove

Local churches:
St Anne's Drive, St Barnabas Close, St Anne's Close, St Marys Close

Local farm names:
Court Farm Road,  Poplar Road, Westcourt Drive, Lees Lane, Court Road, Hardwick Close

Fields or Farmland named after land around Cadbury Heath:
Great Dowles, Little Dowles, Marigold Leaze, Rushy, Far handstones,
Long Handstones, Tapsters, The Warns, Chesters, The Grove,
Great Leaze, Home Mead

The following named after land on the Barrs Court Estate:
Kenmoor Drive, Presmoor Drive, Aldermoor Way, Squire Court, Moorcroft Drive, Hinton Drive,Wraxall Road, Horsecroft Gardens

Miscellaneous Fields or Farmland:
Millfield Drive, Hazelbury Drive, The Dell, Wingfield Road, Henfield Crescent

Golf Courses:
Troon, St Pierre Drive, Gleneagles Road, Sunningdale Drive,Hoylake, Turnberry, Belfry, Birkdale, St Ann's, Wentworth, Muirfield, Hadley Court

Malvern Drive, Chiltern Close, Quantock Close, Pennine Way,  Brendon Close, Grampian Close, Cheviot Way

Windermere Way, Haweswater Close, Ullswater Close, Thirlemere Court, Conniston Close

Mine Workings:
California Road, Crown Gardens, Newpit Lane (refers to Golden Valley Pit)

Steam railway related: (names of steam engines)
Oakhill Close, Pines Road, Pendock Close, Verwood Drive,
Elkstone Walk (all near Bitton station)

Towns or villages:
Bath Road, London Road

Writers / Poets:
Laurie Lee Court, Betjemin Close, Dylan Thomas Court, Sassoon Court, Hardy Court, Scott Court, Causley Drive


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