Area view from Cock Road Ridge by Steve Bailey



Local Timeline 1086 - 1699

Some non local info is shown in brackets after date.

Bitton mentioned in Doomsday Book. (Boyton - village/town on River Boyd) Oldland mentioned in Doomsday Book. (Aldelade - old tract of land) The "land" was owned by Osbern, Bishop of Exeter.

The area has had many other names down the years including: Holande, Oldelond, Wholdland (1564), Wooland (in Elizabethan era), Ouldland (1661), and Eland.

Warmley is not mentioned but derives from either - place by the weir or forest glade infested with reptiles. AKA Warmeleye, The Warmley, Warrer Leah, Warrenley (Rabbits were "farmed" on nearby Siston Common ).

Cadbury Heath, again not mentioned but derives - Cada's place by the iron age fort. AKA Conigree Heath, Cabby Jeff, Cadbra Heath.

St Anne's Church at Siston was built on the site of a five hundred year old Celtic temple.

Lady Chapel built as addition to St Mary's Church in Bitton.

Oldland Chapel is built (St Anne's Church is built on this site.)

1377 (Death of Edward III)
Tower is added to St Mary's Church in Bitton. (original church dates back to Norman times.)

Siston Court built at Siston opposite St Anne's Church.

1600 (circa) (Death of Elizabeth I 1603)
Crown Farm built at what is now Tower Road North in Warmley. The farm was one of the oldest known buildings in the area. Used for a time by Warmley Rural District Council as a meeting room.

The Duke of Monmouth 

1685 (Death of Charles II 1685)
Duke of Monmouth camped at Oldland prior to the Battle of Sedgemoor. (Cromwell stayed at Hanham Hall.)


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