Local Timeline 1990's

Some non local info is shown in brackets after date.

1990 (A violent storm lashes southern England killing 46)

1991 ( the first  "Gulf War" begins)
New Village Hall opens at North Common.

March - Rail extension from Bitton to Oldland opens.

Sculptor Gordon Young completed his Gaius Sentius drinking fountain sculpture of a thirsty Roman Legionnaire. It's located on the cycle track were it intersects with the roman road which stretched from Bitton to Gloucester. (approx mile south of Warmley Station)

1993 (The Queen celebrates 40 years since her coronation)
The ghostly silhouettes of various travellers were installed at Warmley Station. The works are known as "Brief Encounters".

Popular local girl Jenny King was murdered near her home in Warmley.

Carson's chocolate factory at Mangotsfield is demolished to make way for new housing and the Ring Road's completion.

Work to complete the Ring Road link from Warmley to Shortwood is started. We say goodbye to parts of the cycle track and after a well publicised protest, the old ABC Cleaners factory on Siston Common is demolished.

Phase 1 of the Aspects Leisure Centre opened in Longwell Green. 55 years after American GI's first came to the area (camped near Fisher Road on Siston Common), their culture arrives in the form of McDonalds.


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