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Lyndon Yorke of near Marlow has built a reputation by producing unique one off weird and wacky mechanical devices (sometimes described as art!) whereby old mechanisms from Victorian and Edwardian times have been 'adapted / converted / re-utilized so to amuse via both river and terra firma people.

The series of 'river machines' have been seen at Henley Royal Regatta over the past 15 years, starting with Tritanic - an amphibious, side by side Edwardian style tricycle, the Tritanic graced the Thames at numerous Henley Royal Regattas.

This was followed by Tritania the world’s first Amphibious Electric Wickerwork bathchair fully equipped for river safaris. The uniqueness of Tritania rewarded Lyndon with free drinks up and down the river.

Dreadnought a steam fired, coal fired electric-mechanical twin paddle wheel steamboat. The ideal river machine for getting your girlfriend covered in coal soot! However the sausages cooked to charcoaled perfection in the fire box
were also unique!

For Henley Festival Lyndon has produced a series of almost totally useless devices such as the 'Whatsometer', a very large mechanical programme, the Whatsometer mark 1 mark 2.

Then came the Buskermatic a nine piece life sized mechanical orchestra made up of copper tubing, old car windscreen wiper motors- actually 36 motors powers the Buskermatic. The control panel switches were from a WW2 Lancaster bomber aimers switching panel. See video of the on U Tube under lyndonsmachines.

Then came the Thamesical mechanical water borne pic-nicing couple peddaling to nowhere special!

Several mechanical creations have followed, these include propeller driven vintage bicycle, the worlds first wicker aeroplane! (in process of being built) actually a propeller driven car! and a fully operational wickerwork car based on a
1922 Citroen B2.

Check this out!






see this creation in action on Youtube


see this creation in action on Youtube


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