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I had one session with Sue and was amazed by the speed of this technique. She very quickly identified the cause of the symptom I came with and cleared the energy around it.  It recurred once since but disappeared again very quickly.  I am looking forward to working with Sue again on other issues.
Angelita Woosman

Thankyou for the treatment I had with you, I found it very beneficial and helped me to change my way of thinking to be more positive. I also found it very relaxing. Hope to see you soon.

Welcome to EFT Matrix Plus

Why do we keep repeating the same patterns in life, attracting the same traumas, challenges or health issues?

My name is Sue Doyle and I can help empower you to make permanent and positive changes in your life with..

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Southport

Key benefits for you:

  • Be empowered to truly meet your own emotional needs which we were born to have met and yet somehow escaped us
  • Rewrite your past and transform your future
  • Change the stressful consequences and life events born of negative core beliefs within you and replace with positive realities
  • Learn a simple quick tool which lowers stress levels leading to alleviating any emotional or physical pain
  • Lower your emotional stress and have more clarity to deal with problems
  • Make permanent positive changes for your physical and emotional health

I will facilitate a wonderful process of shift, transformation and change, helping you to be your truly authentic self, the real you. You can then expect to find it easier to face challenges more positively and attain different positive outcomes.

Did it ever occur to you that you may be reacting to negative core beliefs you were subjected to as a child? Do you sometimes feel you still have these "magnified" thoughts and feelings?

In childhood were you..

  • Told you were not good enough?
  • Told you can't do something?
  • Bullied?
  • Told that others can do better?
  • Given the message that when things went wrong either at home or anywhere else it was your fault?

We were often given negative core beliefs as children by society, relatives or parents. These beliefs and perceptions stay with us throughout life but can be changed with the help of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

I can help you change the consequences these negative beliefs bring to your life, replacing stress and challenging situations with positive images and transformation.

Please call me on
or to find out more about me and my services.


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