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A fresh eyes approach

We provide comprehensive audits to identify potential risks and offer cost effective solutions. Our aim is to ensure you maintain a safe environment for your customers and clients and continually improve standards.

We use a risk based audit format and produce a clear audit report, which highlights important areas and both offers solutions and encourages quick remedial action. Our audits are based on up to date HACCP and Risk Assessment principles and therefore form a vital part of any proactive management system.


Risk Assessment is often a problem area for many businesses and organisations. The law requires you to 'identify, record and control the most significant findings'. Whilst we cannot take away the responsibilities you hold we can help you by ensuring you achieve the requirements of current legislation.

By supporting you in identifying key hazards, quantifying the risks and providing suggestions to manage the risks, we will help you to prioritise and focus resources effectively, thereby keeping you compliant.

We are able to carry out all statutory Risk Assessments including but not restricted to:

  • General Workplace Risk Assessment under the Management Regulations
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Manual Handling
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Noise at work
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Persons especially at risk
  • Disability
  • Stress


Policies and procedures form the backbone of modern business safety management.

It is common for businesses to “buy an off the shelf product” which is then put into the business as this backbone. The flaw in this approach is that these policies are generic and do not fit the business. Whilst all seems ok over time, it is often not until an incident occurs which highlights a failure by the management to have identified a hazard, which has caused harm, that the gaps in the policy become apparent.

We do not advocate throwing everything out you have invested in the past, just to supply new policies. If your existing system is adequate, we would endorse it and support its continued use and development, if there are holes that need plugging we offer you a plug. If it is not fit for purpose, we will highlight this and explain why, and suggest alternatives.

Whether it is a Food, HACCP, Hazard Analysis. Health and safety, Leisure, Disability or Fire, we can offer workable, cost effective solutions to ensure your compliance.


Saxon Environmental Associates use dynamic and motivational training. This approach ensures training is memorable and achieves positive results. Training takes place through one-to-one and group sessions, using a combination of practical, information and formal approaches. We use real life images, computer projection and videos, together with demonstrations and practical exercises. We are able to tailor training to suit any situation and overcome language barriers, using pictures and translated resources.

All trainers are highly qualified and experienced both from a technical perspective, and from a practical perspective. Our trainers are not classroom academics; they have worked as chefs, managers, drivers, workers etc. They can relate to the practical problems we all face in achieving standards in the world of work.

Yes they teach the legal requirements, but they also relate this to the practical application in a real-time workplace. They discuss such issues with delegates and can put forward strategies and ideas, which will support the delegates in applying what they have learnt in the classroom, in their workplace.

We always ensure that the course is tailored for the client, often using information, photos and documents gathered whilst auditing or visiting the business prior to commencing the training.

We have been privileged over the years to deliver training to, food manufacturing, hotels, caterers and leisure organisations, cruise companies, the army, local authorities, retailers, construction companies, and many more organisations. This experience, practical and academic knowledge, a sense of humour, reliability and flexibility, ensures that our training is successful and extremely cost effective.

Bespoke training is our speciality.

Allow us to develop a course the meets the EXACT needs and budget of your organisation. We can build a course focusing on any key areas relevant to your business or organisation. These unique courses are certificated and are warranted to be adequate for the purpose they are intended by Saxon Environmental Associates.

We are highly experienced in the delivery of CIEH courses. Our trainers have consistently achieved exceptional results in the delivery of CIEH qualifications. One ongoing project at advanced level involving over 300 delegates has achieved a pass rate of 100%.

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