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York powerflush is a company based in the city of York, which specialises in central heating powerflushing.

What is a central heating powerflush?

A central heating powerflush is a process where large volumes of clean water is pumped around the central heating system,mixed with cleaning chemicals, to clean the radiators, boiler, pump, valves and pipework of any sludge and debris.(black water).  

Once completed anti corrosion chemicals are added to the system to protect against any future corrosion. If your central heating system has any of the following

  • Cold radiators
  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Build up of air in radiators, regularly bleeding radiators
  • Boiler noise
  • Sticking or leaking radiator valves
  • Circulation issues(slow heat up times)
  • High gas usage
  • Central heating pump, 3 way valve, 2 port valve failure

Then you will benefit by a central heating powerflush.

What happens when we carry out a central heating powerflush for you.

  • We come and give a free survey
  • We give a free quote
  • We arrive on a agreed date and time
  • We dust sheet the required area for clean workmanship
  • We carry out the powerflush, cleaning out your radiators, boiler, pump, valves and pipework.
  • We add anti corrosion chemicals to the cleaned out system, this stops any future corrosion.

Your newly powerflushed system heats up quicker, reaches temperature quicker, turns itself off quicker saving on gas and electricity.

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