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Do you need commercial finance? Is your business protected? What would happen if a key member of your staff was unable to work or a shareholder of the
company was to die?

Commercial Finance

Your bank manager may not be able to get you the best deal. There are many specialist lenders who can be far more flexible than your bank. Speak to us today and we can recommend a trusted partner that can provide you with advice.

Our advisers have the expertise to choose the best insurance provider and most appropriate policies for your business.

Commercial Insurance

Are you paying too much to insure your property or your stock? Whatever your business, whatever you need insured, there are tailor made solutions. We can recommend a trusted partner that can provide you with advice..

Protecting your people
You may need Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance. Have you thought about the consequences if you lose a key member of your staff through ill health? Do you have the spare cash to tide you over until you find a replacement? Your business depends more on your people than your things. Let us help you protect your people and your business.

Protecting your ownership
Do you know what will happen if a shareholder dies .Do the other shareholders have the cash to buy back those shares? If your company is a partnership is your interest adequately protected? Donít risk everything you have worked so hard to build up for the sake of being too busy to talk to us.

As with all insurance policies, conditions
and exclusions will apply.

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