Our Primary Aim

The aim of the service is to provide alternatives for those in care and those leaving care, to move from adolescence into adult hood and ensure its successful and a safe transition.

In 2009 Premier Care Management became a new provider of community and outreach services within the South West, this is an alternative to residential accommodation and support, for vulnerable adults, young people and young offenders.

Premier Care Management offer a Education provision based at our head office and works in line with Every Child Matters and the Children's Act 2004. Premier Care Management promotes good safeguarding practice.

Our experienced team strives to provide our young people and adults with positive and successful outcomes to reach their full potential.

Our further aims:

  • Relationships with Outreach Workers and professionals
  • Manage a tenancy
  • Personal and domestic hygiene
  • Emotional well being
  • Register with health professionals and support to attend appointments
  • Budget and managing utility bills
  • Relationships with peers
  • Find employment and/or education provision
  • Transition when Post 18

Premier Care Management provide tailored support packages around individual need, ensuring that each package is delivered to a high standard.

Outreach Workers will be available to provide support and advice and will encourage young people/adults to make informed choices.

Outreach Workers will provide daily contact notes for each young person/adult and attend reviews and multi disciplinary meetings.


  • To develop independent living skills and self esteem
  • To develop and/or increase social skills and communication skills
  • To develop positive relationships
  • To use free time in a constructive manner
  • To manage impulsive behavior
  • To develop appropriate expressions of sexuality

Some of our YPs on a day trip to Brean

Our Philosophy

Our emphasis is to work in partnership with young people, their families and placing authorities to enable the young person to maximise their potential within a safe and stable environment.


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