After school tuition

Providing regular support, outside school hours during evenings or weekends, is the core activity for One to One Tuition. This tends to limit the geographical area I can cover.

Though exceptions are always possible, generally support is offered within the broad geographic area of Bristol and Bath.

Most school subjects are covered and weekly appointments are normally agreed at the same time each week to fit domestic schedules.

I tend to see students at their home however other arrangements are possible, particularly for mature students with their own transport.

Typical Scenarios

When pupils are moved down a set at school confidence and performance can be damaged. Particularly towards the end of year 9 being placed in a Foundation GCSE set may be demotivating. Knowing the range of potential grades you can achieve at the end of year 11 has been limited can leave you feeling lost.

Regular tuition improves confidence and performance and with a little extra effort schools can be persuaded to re-assess setting decisions so that higher grades can be achieved.

Moving to a new school can mean a change in expected standards. When students find their new school has much higher expectations for performance than their old school, regular one to one tuition can assist in the achievement of higher grades.

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