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Exclusive tuition

There are numerous situations that require intensive tuition.

Revision for re-sits at university, a crash course in Mathematics for a vocational course, extra tuition during school breaks or regular weekends to improve grades or catch up after illness.

Blocks  of between 2 and 6 hours can be booked if you are within an hour’s travelling time. Anywhere further afield needs to be booked as a number of full days exclusive tuition

An expensive option?

When families plan to move or return to the UK there can be concerns about fitting in to the new school or college. Overseas students being educated in the UK may feel they wish to use term breaks to catch up.

Over the past two years I have provided tuition in overseas locations for students who want extra support.

The terms and rates for each assignment are unique. The common factor is that parents believe the benefits outweigh the costs.

Typical Scenarios

Parents of two overseas A level students being educated in England at an independent school, were anxious that performance in certain subjects was below expectations (teachers had targeted them at D). I accompanied the family to their home overseas during term breaks and delivered several weeks of intensive tuition. The students achieved A or B in all subjects.

A UK based student who had no qualification in Physics or Mathematics needed to prepare for an entrance exam for a vocational course. Following 2 weeks of intensive tuition in both subjects he was accepted for the course.

I have helped several students to prepare for education  in the UK, providing tuition both in their home countries and in the UK.

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