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Home education

Since, I started providing tuition, in 2005, the number of students being educated at home has grown steadily. I often find myself providing a complete home education package, at GCSE or A level. One to One Tuition targets and meets individual needs efficiently.

I can give complete support and can offer a package of GCSE and A level subjects with exams provided by local examination centres which I have worked with for several years. Pupils are not tied to an inflexible timetable and therefore we can go at an appropriate pace in each individual subject. Those subjects which are strengths can be followed through quickly to examination whilst those which the pupil finds more challenging can be built up steadily.

An Alternative to Independent Schooling?

School fees can be expensive but many parents choose independent schools because they believe the standard of education will be higher.

In terms of results, however, home education with effective one to one tuition, can achieve more in a shorter time at a lower cost. Commonly this will be 50 - 60% of equivalent school fees.

One to One Tuition will fit your needs to your specific circumstance and budget.

Typical Scenarios

Some students choose home-schooling as an alternative to the bullying they have endured at school. In these cases, confidence and subsequent performance often plunges dramatically. I have delivered tuition in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language English Literature and Mathematics for numerous students rebuilding confidence and improving understanding rather than teaching fixed methods. Most of those students have achieved grades from B to A*.

Students pursuing a career in sport occasionally have to quit school to meet demanding training schedules. More frequently parents educating their children at home find it difficult to give guidance in Mathematics or another core subject. Whatever the circumstances One to One Tuition can deliver better grades at GCSE (or IGCSE) and A level.

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