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Online tuition

In response to demand I have extended the offer of online tuition to every category of students I support, teach or mentor.

One to One Tuition offers expert online tutoring from an experienced and well qualified tutor based in the UK. My virtual services are uncomplicated by unnecessary gimmicks, aiming to transmit and empower learning, locally or globally.

Whilst in-person tuition makes it slightly easier to share written responses it is fair to say that there are a number of advantages to tuition delivered via a Zoom session over the internet. For example, it is easier to share visual content and access a wide range of resources.

This naturally raises the possibility of achieving the best of both worlds and further tailoring my services to each student’s needs, by providing a balanced mix of face to face and online appointments; as long as Covid-19 restrictions permit.

Tuition fees

My fee for one hour online is £33. This is the same charge for any subject and is also the same as my face to face rate.

There are several reasons for this. I deliver tuition to the same standard regardless of the subject or medium.

I am more experienced, reliable and considerate than temporary and part-time tutors who may charge much less. I don’t believe in taking short cuts or packing my timetable. In fact, the ‘average hour’ my students receive is usually slightly longer than 60 minutes, to allow for procedural delays or advice giving which is not directly related to subject content.

In short, I give value for money and can be relied upon to keep regular appointments. That’s what professional tutors do.

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