Safeguarding Those At Risk
Safeguarding Services West Midlands UK

S.T.A.R. is a professional service that seeks to provide a safeguarding platform focused on specific key risks.

Given the continued safeguarding risks espoused to children, young people, adults and families, some professional organisations and services have been stretched to capacity to ensure that their safeguarding responsibilities are prioritised.

Given this mandate, most are challenged to develop, adjust, and implement new and effective templates, review internal systems, and to explore techniques and strategies to better safeguard within a rapidly complex and changing world.

We work with or alongside a range of services, organisations and professionals to develop, sharpen and strengthen their safeguarding practice.

This can be achieved through a range of ways including:

  • To help identify key safeguarding risk and threats
  • To provide advice, guidance and support to help raise awareness
  • To advise on systems, processes and procedures
  • To develop unique training templates (PowerPoint, slides etc.)
  • To help with policy development
  • To engage in safeguarding research and development

We also provide support for safeguarding professionals in all sectors working with those at risk of crime, anti-social and offending behaviour, gangs, serious youth violence, extremism and radicalisation, terrorism and counter-terrorism.

STAR seeks to encourage and share best practice and to also collaborate, on a larger global platform, sharing their skills, knowledge and expertise.

Our sector remit includes: local, regional, national and international, social services, youth services, education, housing, community sectors, fostering agencies, children and young people residential, step down projects, statutory, voluntary, charitable, 3rd sector, private, leisure and entertainment, academic, religious, churches and mosques to name a few.

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Specific areas of expertise: Safeguarding, gangs, extremism and radicalisation, crime and criminality, children and young people, contextual safeguarding, youth intervention

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