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Tailors in Yate, Bristol | Expert clothing alteration and repair services

Yate Tailoring provides Yate with its only dedicated retail shop premises for clothing alteration. Bring your favorite clothing alive again and save time and money on shopping.

We can alter Ladies and Gents clothing and children’s too. Curtain and blind hem stitching is also undertaken.

Clothing alteration shops have become more popular in recent times as more clothes are sold off the peg and although cheaper, supermarkets and chain stores don’t often provide an option to alter their clothes. People however, come in more than half a dozen sizes so many settle for a less than perfect fit.

Our cost-effective service means you will be measured and your new or favourite old garments gain that "made for you" look that everyone deserves.

We also provide repairs to your items that are too good to throw away just because they have broken zips, missing buttons or rips. Bring them to our clean and friendly tailor's shop for some TLC.

Conveniently located on busy Station Road, most of Yate’s commuters to Bristol probably pass our door daily.

Drop off parking space in front of shop and limited time free parking spaces over the road.

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