Join us & Club rules


Join us

2017 / 18 Membership Types and Prices

We offer two types of membership:

100 Adult | All ages / abilities | Voting rights

75 Restricted Adult | All ages / abilities | Voting rights

50 Junior - up to 18 yrs at 31/03/18 | No voting rights

(Annual memberships run from April each year)

5 Visitor fee per continuous session

Restricted Adults may not attend club nights
Voting rights = voting rights at AGM

New Memberships

Please call or email us for information


Court and playing rules (Abridged)

  1. Appropriate tennis clothing must be worn by players at all times.

  2. A high standard of "on court" etiquette is expected from every player. Mistreatment of racquets, balls or court furniture, bad language including racist, sexist or other offensive comments or language will not be tolerated. Persistent offenders risk expulsion from the club.

  3. Members, guests and visitors wishing to play MUST; Sign the register; pay the appropriate session fee and indicate their arrival and availability to play on the club's "five placements" board.

  4. Guests, visitors and their introducers should note that on club nights only 3 visits as a guest or visitor are permitted. Membership of the club is then required for subsequent visits.

  5. Only members and signed in guests / visitors may play.

  6. Court allocation schedule / order of play must be observed and respected.

  7. Last person to leave must ensure all lights and heating within clubhouse and the court floodlighting KEYSWITCH is turned off then lock the clubhouse then close and lock main entry gate quietly on departure.

Violations of club rules should be reported to a committee member ASAP.

A copy of the club constitution, of which the above playing rules are part, is available on request.