History links (Local and Bristol area)

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Resources available on Districtweb via main menu:

Timelines of local history 1086 - 2000+  
The local area in old pictures
Pages on local mining
Zinc and Brass
Dramway information
Local roadnames (origins)
Warmley CofE School - early information 
1968 Flood description (+ photo gallery)
Warmley Football Club - history
Willsbridge Mill - history

Off site links:

Kingswood Heritage Museum  visit website

Barrs Court Moat - information  visit website
Civil defence bunker (was at rear of Tennis Court Inn)  visit website
History of coal mining in Oldland  visit website
A collection of LOCAL postcards  visit website

Bitton War Memorial details  visit website
Warmley War Memorial details  visit website

Historical info. about Bitton  visit website

Memories of Warmley and Siston  visit website

Info on Warmley Rural District Council  visit website

Additional timeline information (see also our on site pages)

Calendar of Events - Warmley & Siston - 1894 - 1913  visit website
Calendar of Events - Warmley & Siston - 1914 - 1930  visit website
Calendar of Events - Warmley & Siston - 1931 - 1939  visit website
Calendar of Events - Warmley & Siston - 1940 - 1959  visit website
Calendar of Events - Warmley & Siston - 1960 - 1969  visit website
Calendar of Events - Warmley & Siston - 1970 - 1994  visit website

Local railways and transport:

Avon Valley Railway (includes historical info)  visit website
Bugler Coaches (Longwell Green) history page  visit website

Many interesting local books, videos and DVD's are available:

First Take Video (local history video retailer)  visit website
Spectel Communications (local history video retailer)  visit website
Ian Bishop (local history books)  visit website
Bygone Bristol (local history books and photos)  visit website  
Harlequin Books (Staple Hill)   visit website

Bristol related sites:

Fishponds Local History Society  visit website

We are always looking for good sources of local historical information. If you know of a site not listed here please advise us of its URL.

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