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One to one online

During the last 10 years or so I have always tried to provide online tuition when clients have requested it. The arrival of Coronavirus in the UK meant that online tuition became an imperative rather than an optional extra. In the early days many of my clients shared my view that online tuition was second best to face to face contact.

Since April 2020 all one to one tuition has been delivered via Zoom over the internet. My opinions on virtual tuition have changed completely.

I now believe that online tuition is every bit as effective as in person tuition.

In fact, though a few things work better face to face, other elements of tuition are enhanced by the fact that online provision uses modern technology.

Coronavirus restrictions

At any time when face to face tuition becomes feasible, I follow guidelines to ensure that restrictions are met.

I wear a mask on arrival and expect anyone I am meeting to do the same. I use hand sanitiser before tuition begins and expect the student to do the same (or wash their hands). Social distancing requires sitting at least 1m apart and conducting lessons in a well-ventilated space. In addition, I try to ensure that pens and paper are not shared at any point. Of necessity for clear communication masks should be removed once the student and tutor are alone (observers may of course ‘sit-in’ at a distance).

Given that closer contact and sharing materials is avoided, the best way to share nonverbal information is via a laptop and an open Zoom session even when student and tutor are in the same room. Of course, if a student wants to show me completed homework or needs to describe a problem on paper, this is slightly easier in-person rather than online but it should be clear from the foregoing description that there is little that can’t be done online. Information can be shared by document sharing, scanning, email or a via a small graphics pad.

Until the virus is eradicated and/or immunisation becomes a reality I believe online tuition is the safest way to deliver lessons. Find out more

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